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Crompton Mouldings 

Crompton Mouldings Limited is another of two related sister Companies and is a leading supplier of Rotational Moulded Plastic Products to the trade industry with a head office based in Elland, West Yorkshire. Along with Turnell & Odell Limited we are able to offer the complete expertise & services of all three Companies in joint electrical, mechanical & plastic mould solutions.  





Crompton Mouldings have the capability to turn an idea into reality through the stages of concept, CAD design, mould design / manufacture, production approval and volume supply. Two state of the art HB 260 hot air carousel machines provide the basis of the production facility and can manufacture products up to almost 3m in length.



Crompton Mouldings business model is aimed at the trade moulding sector and as such the philosophy is based around quality, training, efficiency, flexibility and volume.  High capacity machinery operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to satisfy customer demands to exacting standards.



The strategy of Crompton Mouldings is not to have numerous small high value specification products but one of volume and customer partnership. Long term planning, understanding customer schedules and delivering exactly what is required on the day it is required is key.