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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the violet and red wires go when fitting the overload to a DOL starter?

Voilet 95 to 14
Red L1(1) to 96

Where does the black wire connect when fitting the overload to a single phase DOL starter?

T1 on the overload to L2(3)

Why is the star delta overload range different to DOL?

On a star delta starter the overload and contacts are phase connected so the overload and current ratings are 0.577 of line current ie1/1.732

What if the overload trips during starting?

Run up times more than 15 seconds may cause the overload to trip. A star delta starter could be wired to remove the overload from circuit during starting when star connected. Incorrect or open circuit motor connections could also trip the overload – on a star delta typically when changing to delta.