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M20 Load Monitor proves its accuracy

M20 Load Monitor proves its accuracy and durability in Spiracʼs arduous applications.

Spirac Limited manufactures complete turnkey solutions mainly within the sewage-screenings and sludge handling arena and are famous worldwide for their trusted “shaftless screw” technology. This technology needs protection but traditional forms of torque limiter and shear pin have never proven adequate. Their conveyors are always going to experience a wide range of loading and using an electrical device could result in nuisance tripping or worse a delayed reaction.


The solution for Spiracʼs application and many others of a similar nature whether it be a conveyor, mixer or pump application is the pro-active, high specification M20 monitor.


The M20 load monitor supplied by Crompton Controls of Wakefield is a digital, programmable device, which is capable of detecting overload and underload situations quickly and accurately. It uses the motor as its sensor and looks at the true absorbed motor power. The instantaneous shaft power supplied to the driven equipment by the electrical motor is supervised by measuring the input power and by calculating the motor power losses with a unique algorithm. This means a high level of accuracy in either condition. It is also equipped with two pre-alarm levels again in both conditions, which can give prior notice to system problems via relay outputs. These levels are programmable but if your needs are fulfiled by the standard factory settings then you can utilise the “one touch” Autoset feature which gives an amazingly easy and quick set-up from pushing just the one button. The unit can be used to display a number of parameters from its digital display allowing the engineer a quick insight into the state of the system