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The New Crompton Controls ‘Smooth-BRAKE’ now used in the production of wooden frames for the famous Shackletons chairs.

The manufacturer of the chair frames, Armley Chair Works, owned by John Ibbotson for the last 11 years, started manufacturing in Armley (Leeds) and moved to the Dewsbury site next to Shackeltons in May of this year.


The chair frames are manufactured using a variety of timbers, a ripsaw cutting the timber to the required width utilising beech, sycamore and birch.


Armley Chair Works bought the ripsaw as a reconditioned machine from Dennis Price Woodworking, complete with the Crompton Controls Smooth-BRAKE, and find the machine stops quicker and smoother than the previous machine that they had been using. Dennis Price Woodworking is a long standing supplier of all types of woodworking machinery and dust extraction units throughout the UK, with stocks of both new and re-furbished machinery and ancillary items, and are able to convert any machine in line with current and future legislation relating to special guarding and braking requirements.


The new Smooth-BRAKE product is designed to provide a smaller low cost DC Brake solution for users of larger woodworking machines and provide a unique braking system that brings the machine to rest without excessive noise or vibration, and totally meets the requirements of the PUWER98 legislation.


The Smooth-BRAKE has a unique 3 stage voltage ramp down to zero speed and is also one of the simplest to set up and has automatic cut off at standstill.


The brake is 40% smaller in size, up to 10% more energy efficient and offers excellent value for money with a 25% price saving on previous models.


Crompton Controls offer the smoothest of routes to PUWER compliance with free comprehensive advice and selection assistance, generous promotional discounts and special offers along with credit card easy payment facilities.


You should not delay to comply to the PUWER98 legislation, but the Smooth-BRAKE and many other woodworking safety products will be displayed on the Crompton Controls stand P02 at the W8 exhibition at the NEC in October.