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Control & BMS Peripherals - Our New Association


We are now in partnership with Annicom to bring you unparalleled levels of service..!


We already design, build and supply Control Panels / BMS Panels / VSD Panels / Lighting KNX Panels / Automatic Changeover Panels... AND A HUGE RANGE of Associated Control and BMS Accessories and Components - Not to mention our standard lines such as Starters and DC Brakes... AND NOW thanks to our close relationship with Annicom we're also supplying peripherals outside the box..!


Including & Covering:

o  Relay Modules
o  IO Modules
o  Controllers
o  Thermostats
o  Temp and Humidity
o  Emergency, Water Leak and Displays
o  Pressure
o  Power Monitoring and Metering
o  Gas and Smoke Detection



The Catalogue:

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