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A1000 Inverter - Three Phase

  • 0.4 - 630kW Power Ratings
  • 200VAC & 400VAC
  • 8 Digital Input
  • 1 Pulse Input
  • 3 Analogue Input
  • 1 Pulse Output
  • 2 Analogue Output
  • 3 Relay Output
  • Advanced Open Loop & Closed Loop Vector
  • PM-, or SPM-, and IPM Motor Control
  • Safety EN 954-1 cat 3, EN 61508 SIL2


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A1000 Inverter - Three Phase 380-480V AV 50/60Hz

The High Performance Inverter offering the widesr range of control possibilities from simple to Advanced Vector Control Applications.

  • Heavy Duty Rating for Constant Torque Applications
  • Normal Duty Rating for Variable Torque Applications
  • Integral Detachable LCD Operator Keypad / Display
  • Closed-loop Current Vector, Open-loop Vector and V/f Control modes
  • Powerful Torque at 0Hz without sensors or feedback devices
  • Application Presets
  • Advanced Energy Saving
  • Power Loss Ride Through & Recovery
  • "Safe Torque Off" functional safety
  • Multiple options available for comprehensive application performance & complex control


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Yaskawa A1000 Inverter Drives

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